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Enhancing Skills for Children During the School Break


The school break offers a great opportunity for children to have fun and learn when they don't have regular school activities. Here are some guidelines you can use to enhance children's skills during the school break. School Bright, a digital school management system, recommends the following:

  1. Reading: Support reading by allowing children to choose books of interest or join the local library. Reading broadens knowledge and fosters a love for reading.

  2. Learning a Foreign Language: Develop foreign language skills, such as English, through apps, music, or foreign language cartoons.

  3. Learning through Games: Let children play problem-solving games, trivia games, and educational games that enhance math and science skills.

  4. Creative Skills: Support the creation of art and crafts, like drawing, pottery, or model making.

  5. Explore Geography: Encourage learning about geography, maps, the world, and exploration through virtual travel or online resources.

  6. Physical Activity: Support enjoyable physical activities that children love to enhance their physical skills and keep them interested in exercise.

  7. Nature Exploration: Take children on nature trips, let them learn about plants, animals, and the environment.

  8. Social and Emotional Learning: Promote social and emotional skills through group activities and games, fostering control of emotions and social expression.

Just like adults, children have the opportunity to learn and develop themselves in various ways during the school break. Parents and teachers can create a creative and fun environment to promote learning and skill development in children.


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