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Updated on 19th July 2023 version 1.1

Privacy Policy of “Jabjai Corporation Company Limited”

   This privacy policy is under the Jabjai Corporation Company Limited supervision to pursue the successful access to applications which are School Bright, School Bright Grade, School Bright Shop, SB Exam, SB Canteen, Alpha Tutor and other affiliated products in which owned by the Jab Jai Corporation Company Limited (hereinafter “School Bright”, “Developer”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”).

   For serving the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” shall mean any directly or indirectly identified or identifiable information involved with client in which “School Bright” has accessed. Unless the death but not limited to the obligations required by enforced law. “We” will use our strictly due care in using your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In the case of personnel information shall be included to the sensitive personnel information and others information which classified by the governing law.

1. What is the information that we will collect and how are we using such information?
1.1 Information which we collected.
   In order to delivery you our services, we will ask you for the necessary personnel information. We also ensure you that the information we collected will comply with the relevant laws and regulations. We will not use the information in the way of not comply with our objective. You shall have the right to give us such information. However, if you do not give us the required information, we cannot delivery you our service or product. The information we may collect depend on the service that you choose. The information that may be collected as follows:
1.1.1. The information you gave us.
   We may collect the information that you gave to us in which we considered it is necessary when you registered in our application “School Bright” such as the student ID, name, surname,nickname, personnel blood information, religious, date of birth, race, nationality, height, weight, address, email, telephone number, education record, family record, family status, parent name, parent information, school record, scholar record, picture, video, personnel description, or any other information that we deem it necessary. In additional, we may collect the information occurred during you using our service or any other information which can indicate personnel characteristic, sexual information and your life style, and for more suggestion such as the distance of discover, age range and others information that you give to our staff while you contact with them.

1.1.2 The information incurred from receiving our service
- The information involving with when you using our application, including the specific identification personnel information.
- The specific information when you may be received from other service provider, third party and other business alliance.
- The information which have been manufactured when using School Bright.
- The location information. (Service/ only specific active function)
- The using recorded information.

1.1.3 The information from third party
In compliance with the governing law, we may collect the information from the third party such as
- For some services which involving with the financial account and financial transaction, wherein that particular case, we will inspect your permitted information (such as telephone number, identification card number, identification school number through the third party bylaws for the security and anti-fraud purpose.
- We may be received information such as the account code, nickname, personnel picture and email address from third party social network. (such as when you use your social network account for receiving our School Bright.
- The other of your information which derived from the third party legally give to us. (Such as the information from the application to use the products or other services).

1.1.4 The un-identification personal information

- The static information which been created when specifically used by you such as the information involving with the equipment which cannot be identified, the daily report, the online traffic and the session record.
- The verification network information such as the requesting time, the requesting quantity or the error request.
- The report of the error of the application such as the automatically created report when the system failure. 

The purpose of collecting such information is for improving our service. The type and quantity of information depend on the method of your using our product and/ or service.

1.2 How we use the collected personnel information

- In order to service, processing, maintenance and develop our product and/ or service to you. 
- In order to operate and protect the security for anti-loss and fraud purpose.
- In order to manage all inquiries or requests which involve with equipment and service such as the replying, the system and application notification, the management of your activities.
- The marketing activities such as procurement the marketing media, the marketing method and the improving of the marketing. You have all your legal right to refuse the receiving our marketing media by the information that given in that message (such as to choose the given link to terminate the application unless others method prescribed by governing law.
- In order to archiving internal purpose such as data analysis, research and development the static information involving with the using of our service or product (e.g. the product knowledge or practicing algorithm model which will process after the personnel protection system has been executed).
- For storage and maintenance the information in order to comply with the law and for operating our business.

2. Cookies and others technology
   Technologies such as cookies in which be used by School Bright and the third party and others alliances. These technologies will be used for data analysis, monitoring, managing, monitoring the use of our website and for collecting the demographic information in user database aspect. We may receive the usage of technology report from the service provider in individual form or summary form. Using these technologies will enhance us to have better knowledge of the user behavior, moreover these technologies will give us the useful data which shown the most visited part in our website, and also support and improving the measurement of searching website.

3. Sharing, transferring and disclosure the personal information
3.1 The Sharing

- Sharing by your intention
By your request or your consent, we will sharing the personal information within the scope of your consent statement/ your request toward the third party which be indicated by you for example when you use the School Bright account for entering to the third party’s website or application.

- Sharing the information to the third party, service provider and business alliance
In order to deliver the product and service as be prescribed in this Privacy Policy. Wherein some case, we may have to share the personnel information to the third party, service provider and business alliance including but not limited to delivery service provider, information center, customer service, marketing service provider and other business alliances in which they may processing the data in the name of School Bright, or for one or more specific purpose as in indicated in this Privacy Policy.

- Others Sharing
According to the governing law, law procedure, the lawsuit and/ or the lawful request from the government agency, national security, law enforcement or public interest, we may have to disclose the personnel information. Moreover, we may disclose the personnel information for protecting the business’s rights, business property’s rights, the customer’s right. Wherein some specific purposes (monitoring, preventing and solving the fraud; unauthorized usage; infringing our policies or obligation; or any risky and unlawful activity), we will disclose the personnel information under the appropriate and necessity principle. According to the law, we may collect, use or disclose your personnel information involving with the creditable of the account aspect and give such information to the third party, authorized officer, government agency, business alliance in order to preventing the fraud, infringing right or any harmful act.
In addition we may have to sharing the personnel information to the accountant, the auditor, the lawyer, the advisor when we have to use their services. We may also disclose the personnel information to the investor and third party who relating to our business according to this Privacy Policy, or with your permission in order to disclose your specific information.

3.2 The transferring
We shall not transfer your personnel information unless the following:

- When we have received your explicit consent,
- When we entering to some business transaction such as the joint venture transaction, the merging transaction, acquiring or selling partial or whole business transaction. These business transactions may affect to your personnel information. However, we will notice you about such change via Email, and/ or by posting the announcement on our website or other appropriate method,
- In circumstance whereby prescribed in the Privacy Policy or be noticed to you.

3.3 Public Disclosure
We may disclose your personnel information to the public under these circumstances as following:

- When we have received your explicit consent or you have disclosed your personnel information through our media such as in social media or the public form,
- The by-law information public disclosure or other appropriate reason including but not limited to law and obligation, legal procedure, the lawsuit, or lawful request from the government agency.

4. Storage and personnel information protection approaches

4.1 Our protection

- We will use our effort to protect your personnel information from the unlawful access, unlawful disclosure or any others harmful event. We have set the physical procedure, electronic procedure and necessary method according to the law for preventing and protecting the information in which we may derived from your mobile equipment and on our website. We will assure you that we will protection your personnel information according to the governing law.
- We assure you that your personnel information will be kept in the secured and encoded server which locates in the safe place. We also classify the personnel information into hierarchy in order to provide the appropriate protection measurement to protect that information. We also have the special protection measurement for the personnel information which be kept in Cloud and we also review, monitor and evaluate the protection measurement to assure you that your personnel information will be secured from unlawful access and unauthorized use.
- We shall use our due care to inspect and analyze our business alliance status and third-party service provider to assure their information security system is safe and creditability. We will also inspect and evaluate them as necessary. In addition, our staffs and the third parties who will access to your personnel information shall be performed in accordance with the activated contract in confidential obligations clauses.
- We shall train and practice the information protection security system to our staffs to create their awareness of the important of the personnel protection. We will practice our information protection security system under the law in order to protection your information. However, you have to realize the fact that in sending or transferring the data via internet channel, it cannot be perfect safe. Hence, we cannot guarantee the safe when you send or transfer your information via internet.
- When the information infringing occurred, we will practice to the unlawful act in accordance with the law, and wherein some cases, we shall notify such unlawful act to the government agency and the owner of that information. However, our Privacy Policy and the information protection security system will be designed and created under the international standard and be passed from the third party audit to ensure the effectiveness of the information protection security system.

4.2 What you can do
   You can set up the unique password(s) when using School Bright. These password(s) shall not disclose to third party unless they have received your appropriate permission. In the case of your password from other website has been hacked in which may cause your account harmful, you shall not disclose the identification password you have received to others including but not limited to the customer service staff from School Bright. When you (as the user) have login into School Bright on School Bright’s website or application, especially when you using others computer or using the public internet network login to the School Bright, you shall logout when end of the period of using. We cannot be held responsible the unlawful access from third party resulted from your failure in protecting your personal information. However, when the unlawful access occurred, you should notify us the unlawful access, or unlawful infringing due to we may help you from that unlawful practice.

4.3 Storage policy
   We store the personnel information only for the necessary period of time for the purpose of the information collecting and storage as be prescribed in this Privacy Policy, or others Privacy Policy according to the type of product or service, or be prescribed by law. We shall announce the period of storage in specific service or in the involving product. We will cease and terminate or hiding the personal information when we have fulfilled our information collecting purpose, or when we confirm the information erase request, or when we stop running the product or involving services. If it possible, we will indicate the period of the storage in accordance with the category, type, or personal information detail. When we decide to set the period of time of that information storage, here are the criterions when we will set the policy:

- Quantity, characteristic and sensitively of the personnel information.
- The risk to be danger when using without permission or disclosure.
- Processing personal information purpose and the period of time to accomplish such purpose.
- The period of time that information still accurate and valid.
- The period of time concerning to the statute of limitation.
- Law and obligations, accounting regulations, reporting or relative governances in which prescribe the period of the storage time.

   According to the court jurisdiction, it may have some exceptions to have the longer period of the storage time in which beyond the standard period for storage the personal information in order to the research which served the public interest, the historical research, science or static objective. Wherein necessary case, it can be permitted by law, or to serve your petition, we may store the personnel information in the longer time even there is not relative to the original storage purpose.

5. Your rights
The personnel controlling method.
5.1 Setting the controlling system
Due to we have realized the concerning about the personnel information from each client is different. Therefore, we demonstrate the model which show the methods of limiting, collecting, using, disclosing or processing your personnel information and controlling personnel information setting.

- Switch open/ close the program, user experience and location accessing function.
- Login and Logout from the system in the name of School Bright account.

5.2 Your rights in your personnel information
This will depend on the governing law and related obligations. You may have the right in access, amend, delete and other rights related to the personnel information that we have about you (hereinafter the petition).

- You have the right to receive the information in which explicit, transparency and comprehend the way that we use your personnel data. Hence, this is the reason why we give the information relating to Privacy Policy to you.
- According to the law and your petition, we will deliver you the copy of  your personnel information which we have collected and processed without expense unless in the case of the additional petition to receive our information, we may charge the reasonable fee according to managing expense and if it not contrary to the governing law.
- Wherein the case that we collect the wrong information or incomplete about you, you have the right to adjust your information in accordance with the usage purpose.
- According to the governing law, you have the right to file the petition to erase or withdraw your information out from the system. Wherein the case of such information is out of date to us, we will consider your petition to erase and we will have the appropriate technical practice to your petition. However, there might be some cases that we cannot erase your information due to the governing law and/ or the limited technical matter. In this case, we will store you personnel information in the appropriate, safe and separate from the information which shall process in the future until your information can be deleted or unidentified.
- You have the right to use your information in the structured form in which normally use and can transfer such information to other controller (information transferring).

   We reserve the right to refuse the petition, or partial perform from your petition, or any performance to your petition in accordance with the governing law such as the no-ground petition, or excessive petition, or that petition related to the third party. In some circumstances, we may charge the fee if it not contrary to the governing law. In addition, we may refuse the petition to erase the information if we consider that it will be obstructed us to lawfully use the information, or preventing the legal claimant, or the legal reasons.

5.3 The consent revocation
   You have the right to revoke your consent for your specific purpose that you used to give us by sending the petition, this will include the collection, the usage and/ or the personal information disclosure in which possessed or controlled by us depend on the service that you have used. You can file the petition to revoke your consent by contact us via We will perform as your petition within the reasonable time since the date that we have received the petition and after we performed in accordance with your petition, we will not collect, use and/ or disclose your personnel information. However, this will be obstructed you to receive the benefit from the product and service of School Bright.

5.4 The cancellation of service or account
   If you wish to cancel to use our product or service, you shall contact your original agency. Wherein the case of cancellation the School Bright account, please keeps in mind that you shall not fully use School Bright’s product and service. The cancellation may be hold or delayed in some circumstances such as you still unpaid the debt since you are the member of School Bright etc. Hence, there might be some cases that we cannot promptly response your request.
However, when you entered to the School Bright system through the third party, then you shall file your cancellation petition through that agent.

6. The protection of the minor, quasi-incapable person, incapacitated person
   We shall consider that wherein the case of the minor who is not attain of majority or cannot solely give the consent subject to the law, her parent shall be held responsible for their minor. In the case of quasi-incapable person or incapacitated person, we will consider that the legal guardian, the curator shall be held responsible for their man. We shall not directly propose our service to the minor, quasi-incapable person, incapacitated person, or we shall not use the personnel information of the minor, quasi-incapable person, incapacitated person for marketing purpose without their legal representative permission. However, the consent given by the minor, quasi-incapable person, incapacitated person to us shall be deemed as such consent is permitted by parent, legal guardian, the curator.

7. Improving the Privacy Policy to be up to date method
   We shall timely monitor the Privacy Policy according to the change in business, technology, related law, and good practice which may affect us to improve our Privacy Policy. If we have changed our Privacy Policy, we shall notify you via the contact you given us when you registered in our system such as email (sending the message to your email indicated in your account) or we will announce on our website or application School Bright, or we will notify you through your equipment in order to create the awareness of our practice in collecting and using personnel information. The change of the Privacy Policy will be effect since the date prescribed in the announcement on our website or our application. We strongly suggest you to have always review this page for update the latest of our Privacy Policy and the usage of our product and service on website, mobile phone and/ or other devices in which be classed in Privacy Policy (Revised Version) page/ part. Wherein the enforcement of the law, we will request your explicit consent when we have to collect more personnel information or when we use or disclose your personnel information for the new purpose.

8. Contact Us
   If you have any comment or question about this Privacy Policy or any question related to the collecting, using and disclosing the personnel information of School Bright, please kindly contact us via

Website :
Email :
Address : Jabjai Corporation Company Limited
708/13 Charansanitwong Soi 13, Wat Tha Pra Subdistrict, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600.

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