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Entering a NEW NORMAL school is easy with a simple and responsive payment system.

Entering a NEW NORMAL school is easy with a simple and responsive payment system.

Entering a NEW NORMAL school is easy with a simple and Under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are compelled to adjust in ways that may not be straightforward. Adapting to a lifestyle that ensures safety amid this situation has become a necessity. This may require living according to a "New Normal" or a new way of life that aligns with the safety measures and changes brought about by the current circumstances.

The cooperative and the school cafeteria are crucial factors that schools must have and prioritize. The cooperative serves as a store within the school that sells essential products to students without focusing on profit. Both the cooperative and the cafeteria play a role in promoting financial learning and discipline in saving money for the students. These two components are important as they serve as a link between the school, students, and parents. However, managing and overseeing the cooperative and cafeteria can be challenging and complex tasks.

The complexity in managing the cooperative and cafeteria

As mentioned earlier, cooperatives are like stores that need to have a variety of consumer products for sale. The school cafeteria also needs to sell quality food at affordable prices for students. While it may seem simple and straightforward, the actual management process is not easy at all. For cooperatives, there is the challenge of managing product stocks, especially when dealing with a diverse range of items, making inventory management complicated. Moreover, there is the task of handling documentation related to purchases and sales, which requires time and expertise to avoid errors. In the case of the school cafeteria, managing a food establishment that either brings external vendors or prepares its own food is also challenging. If the school prepares its own food, there needs to be a diverse weekly menu, carefully considering the nutritional value of the meals. This process requires data analysis and detailed preparation, adding to the complexity of the operation. All of these tasks depend on accurate information for calculation, analysis, and effective ordering, making it a challenging endeavor.

About the cooperative work system and canteen technology can help

Despite the complexity of managing the cooperative store and cafeteria, school administrators don't need to worry. Because now, there is educational management system technology that serves as a platform to assist in managing these aspects. This technology can read information from student cards and directly record purchase data from the cooperative store or cafeteria. The system is linked to the cooperative's inventory system, storing food-related information for immediate analysis in meal planning. It aids in planning nutritious meals that are suitable for students. Furthermore, the system provides students and parents with insights into the spending status at the school, enabling them to check the remaining balance and facilitating better financial planning and savings for the students.

A comprehensive educational management platform with outstanding features is now available. It has a system that fully addresses the needs of both cooperative and cafeteria management. With School Bright, you don't have to look elsewhere. Developed to suit all types of educational institutions, it is user-friendly, modern, and makes school management easier and faster. It serves as a central hub connecting schools, students, and parents seamlessly. This is an excellent option for school administrators to consider.

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