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Cash disappearance within the school will no longer be a problem with digital wallets.


The issue of money disappearing within the school is a significant concern for teachers, students, and parents. When cash goes missing or is stolen, it can create financial difficulties for students and their families. Additionally, it can lead to a lack of trust and instability within the school community. In this article, we will explore the problem of cash disappearing among students within the school and suggest solutions to address this issue. The issue of missing money in school :

There are several factors contributing to the problem of lost cash in schools. One primary cause is that many students carry cash with them to school, exposing them to the risk of theft and loss. Additionally, students may be prone to misplacing cash due to lack of organization and inexperience in managing money. The consequences of lost cash can be significant for both students and their families. For instance, if students lose money intended for tuition fees or other essential expenses, they may face challenges attending classes or participating in crucial activities. This can negatively impact their education and future opportunities. Furthermore, the disappearance of cash from schools can create a sense of distrust and insecurity within the school community.


Ways to address the issue of missing money in school :

There are several approaches that schools can implement to address the issue of missing cash.

Use technology Technology can be a useful tool in preventing the loss of money in schools. For example, schools can use applications for in-school expenditures or online payment systems to reduce the amount of cash that needs to be managed. This includes purchases in the cafeteria and school co-op. Additionally, it helps track transactions and provides clear evidence for each expenditure.

Implement additional security measures

The school should implement appropriate security measures to safeguard cash or prevent the loss of property, such as installing surveillance cameras and providing secure storage facilities for students' belongings. These measures can help deter losses and serve as evidence in case of any incidents.

Educate students

In addition, schools should provide students with knowledge about the importance of financial management and taking responsibility for their own property. This may include teaching students about budgeting, saving, and avoiding the loss of cash they carry. It also encompasses the ethical conduct that students should practice, such as not stealing or damaging others' property.

Encourage parental involvement

Parents can play a crucial role in preventing cash loss in schools. For example, parents can pay tuition fees and other expenses, such as providing money for students, online instead of using cash. Schools, in turn, should have online payment channels to facilitate convenience for parents and align with the cashless trend in society.


In summary, the disappearance of cash in schools is a serious problem that can have significant impacts on students and the school itself. However, School Bright has developed a digital wallet within its application to address the issue of lost cash while being portable. By loading money into the School Bright system and using it instantly through the application, whether for cafeteria expenses, purchases in the school store, or even term payments, it not only meets the needs of a cashless society but also helps schools solve these problems, leading to a safer learning environment for everyone.


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