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School Bright school management system, recommends the following phrase for teachers to create positive energy for students

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Teachers are pivotal figures in the lives of students because they serve as role models. The words exchanged between teachers and students play a supplementary role in creating a positive atmosphere for learning, fostering good relationships, and providing inspiration. Likewise, School Bright school management system, presents this article to explore which words can generate positive energy for students.

1. "The teacher believes in you."

This sentence can make students feel that we are always ready to support and assist them. We believe in their potential and also instill confidence in themselves.

2. "We miss you."

In the event that a student is absent from your class, this sentence makes the student feel that they are an integral part of the classroom and acknowledges that you, as the teacher, care about them.

3. "The teacher is listening."

This sentence indicates a confirmation that the teacher is listening to them. It can help students feel that their responses or opinions are respected, including through body language and eye contact when the student is speaking.

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4. "Hard to believe that the teacher would make a mistake again."

This is to show students that mistakes can happen often and can be funny as well. Therefore, it encourages students to be brave in learning and not afraid of making mistakes, as even their teacher can make mistakes too.

5. "Let's solve this problem together in a moment."

This sentence makes students feel that the teacher and students are like partners who support and help each other. It's like encouraging students to believe that they have the ability and play a role in problem-solving together.

6. "She has developed a lot" and "The teacher really admires her."

The fact that we admire the student is like a reminder for them to focus more on self-development. It also serves as inspiration that what they are doing is yielding good results and should continue to be developed further.

7. "The teacher apologizes." Saying 'I'm sorry' might seem challenging for some teachers, but it is an acknowledgment of a mistake we have made. It makes students feel that we respect them, and they can trust and seek help from the teacher. It also improves the relationship between the teacher and students.

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