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School Bright : A school management system and a tool connecting family relationships.


The concept of School Bright school management system is to strengthen the relationship between home and school by supporting students in their learning and development of essential skills. Even if the family situation may involve parents who are physically separated, School Bright aims to bridge the gap and facilitate collaboration between fathers and mothers. They can assist each other in caring for their children, even while at school, as the system provides real-time access to information such as attendance, academic performance, behavior, and school updates.

The main functions of the School Bright application that enable parents to take care of their children even when they are not together include :

  • Attendance information Parents can check whether their child is attending, arriving late, or on leave.

  • Academic results Parents can check their child's academic results at any time to monitor their learning progress.

  • Behavior Parents can check their child's behavior to be aware of any issues and address them promptly.

  • News from school Parents can follow updates from the school to stay informed about activities and various changes.

School Management System
Notification of students' school attendance status.

In addition School Bright the school management system, provides guidance for parents on caring for their children in separate contexts. This is to cultivate a positive relationship between fathers and mothers, serving as a crucial source of inspiration for the happiness and growth of their children.

  • Creating space for communication

School Bright recognizes the importance of effective communication between fathers and mothers to enable systematic communication about their child's learning progress. Creating a space for conversations and open exchange of information using a convenient app for both parties is a highly valuable form of support.

  • Time management and scheduling

School Bright encourages mothers and fathers to make an effort to allocate suitable time and distribute time equally to their children. This is achieved by supporting both parties to have the opportunity to participate in important activities for their children, such as attending school events or activities. Planning ahead and sharing information are crucial aspects that help reduce conflicts and foster mutual understanding.

  • Building stability and understanding

School Bright encourages parents, even if separated, to continue providing love and support to their children consistently. This is especially important when it comes to matters of education and self-discovery, as it serves as a crucial source of encouragement in the child's life. It helps to build stability and understanding in various situations effectively.

  • School support

School Bright also supports and collaborates with the school to ensure that the school understands the situation and can assist in creating an appropriate learning environment. This is achieved by providing useful information about family situations, proper parenting concepts, and suitable plans for the holistic development of the child, both physically and mentally.

School Bright the school management system, is pleased to collaborate with mothers and fathers in creating a positive environment and fostering a growing and stable relationship for the education of their children. It prioritizes supporting joyful learning and confident growth, irrespective of the family situation.


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