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Solving the issue of children being glued to their phones


Solving the issue of children being glued to their phones can be a challenge for families and is crucial for both the child's well-being and the parents' peace of mind. Setting goals and knowing how to manage cases where a child has issues with phone or electronic device usage is important to prevent negative behavior from excessive phone use. Here are steps you can take to address this issue, as recommended by the School Bright Digital School Management System:

  1. Establish Time Limits: Set appropriate time limits for phone usage, ensuring that it occurs after completing meaningful activities such as homework or chores. For example, reading a book or doing homework should be done before allowing the child to use the phone.

  2. Create Agreements Together: Establish agreements regarding phone usage, including designated times and activities that are allowed or not allowed while using the phone. For instance, using the phone during meals or in the bedroom may be prohibited.

  3. Monitor Behavior: Continuously observe your child's phone usage and track adherence to the established agreements. You can use apps or features on the phone to monitor usage times.

  4. Engage in Their Activities: Immerse yourself in your child's world to show them that you are attentive and interested in what they do. Assist them when they encounter problems or have questions about phone usage.

  5. Communicate and Educate: Explain the significant impact of phone usage, such as its effects on learning, and support them in developing time management skills. Discuss the consequences of excessive phone use and encourage positive behavior.

  6. Reward System: Implement a fun reward system to incentivize adherence to agreements. For example, allowing extra phone time after completing homework or achieving good scores in exams.

  7. Consult with Experts: If the problem escalates or becomes unmanageable, consider seeking help from psychological or psychiatric professionals who specialize in behavioral issues related to technology usage.

  8. Set Examples: Be a good example by limiting your own phone usage, especially in situations where minimal phone use is required. This helps your child see responsible phone usage.

Addressing phone addiction in children can be challenging, but maintaining discipline and fostering responsible phone usage can help children learn valuable lessons from their phone experiences.


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