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Students and safety in school.

When it comes to the age when the children have to go to school. Can't deny that Every parent is concerned about school safety and news of accidents that occurred with students in school. Accidents in children may occur at any time. Parents may have to keep reminding their children take care of yourself and the school itself must pay attention and rigorous in organizing a safety system within the school. To prevent accidents that may happen to students in the school.

Not too long ago we got news of a teacher forgetting a child in a van causing the death of a student. News of children being kidnapped from school or the news of a child being hit by a car while crossing the road to catch a shuttle back home? School traffic management and student admission system application usage It is another matter that schools and parents must pay attention to. The school must organize a system to accept students and traffic routes to be suitable and safe. Need to deal with security from third parties and providing equipment for children to learn the safety of using the route regularly.

Pick-up area students go home

1. The lines for picking up and dropping off students should not be too close together. Because it will cause children to play together and accidentally run out into the street. There should be a reasonable distance between the waiting area and the waiting line.

2. At a crosswalk or road crossing point there must be an officer to look after the safety of crossing the road on both sides.

3. There should be clear rules for waiting for parents to come home, such as prohibiting them from running around or walk out of line or name announcement.

4. Schools must put in place measures about the person who received the student. Must be a parent whose student name is registered with the school's student admission system or check the name of the student back home by various methods.

5. Queue students while waiting for their parents to pick them up, e.g. having students wait in line at the pick-up point when the name is announced to be able to come out, etc.

No one wants a dangerous incident with a student. Safety is something that can be prevented, so School Bright has developed a student pick-up system. That helps make accepting students a safer matter. Parents can accept students through the application for teachers to take their children to stand and wait. The school can see when the number of parents pick up the students. In order to manage student admission and traffic around the school. In addition, the school can allow parents to verify their identity when coming to pick up students home, for example by tapping a student pick-up card. Checking student names back home, etc.

That's all, it will increase the safety of students. Increase peace of mind for parents by all parties working together to realize, pay attention and give importance to so that our children will have a life without any accidents. That results in injury to the body, life and being able to live happily.


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