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Submitting data to the REGIS system (Private Education Commission) is as easy as a single click.


School Bright school management system Popular in Thailand, it features ease of use, completeness, and modernity. It covers the entire system, including document management, class schedules, academic results, student activities, and much more.

School Bright has developed a system that can seamlessly integrate with the REGIS system of the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC). This allows schools to efficiently and conveniently transfer student information and grade data from the School Bright system to the REGIS system.

The benefits of School Bright being able to connect to the REGIS system

  • Increases convenience and speed in submitting student data and grades. The school can promptly input student information and grade data into the REGIS system without the need for redundant data entry. This helps reduce time and workload for school staff.

  • Reduces the risk of errors. Repeated data entry can lead to mistakes. Integrating the School Bright system with the REGIS system ensures accuracy and precision in student information and grade data.

  • Facilitates effective monitoring of school performance. Student information and grade data submitted to the REGIS system are consolidated in one place, enabling the school to efficiently track and assess its overall performance.

The Regis system
School Bright is integrated with the Regis system

How to connect the School Bright system to the REGIS system

Connecting the School Bright system to the REGIS system can be done easily in just 3 simple steps, as follows :

  1. Schools using School Bright can express their desire to connect with the REGIS system through the Private Education Commission (PEC) office.

  2. Inform the team to request the manual files for submitting data to the REGIS system.

  3. Follow the steps in the manual and you can submit the data to the REGIS system immediately.

Using School Bright connected to the REGIS system This is an enhancement of the school management system for greater efficiency. It enables the school to quickly and conveniently submit student information and grade data to the REGIS system, reducing the risk of errors. It also allows the school to track its performance more effectively.


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