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International Community School (ICS) : Bangkok

The International Community School Bangkok (ICS), has been using the School Bright system since the 2020 academic year. The school has approximately 1,300 students each year. The main focus is on utilizing the online tuition payment system and the digital cafeteria system.

The tuition payment system starts with online invoice generation, online payment of tuition fees, automatic receipt issuance, and various notifications and summary reports. This makes the school's financial system convenient, efficient, and up-to-date.

The digital cafeteria system modernizes the school's food services, from check-in at the cafeteria using card scanning to purchasing food items using the School Bright app or student cards. Additionally, all expenses within the school are tracked and can be monitored by parents, including various ways to top up funds, either at the school or online through banks connected to the School Bright app for added convenience.


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