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Thepmitrsuksa School : Surat Thani province

Thepmitr Suksa School, located in Surat Thani province, is a private school that has been using the School Bright system for a long time, starting from the academic year 2563. Approximately 4,500 students use various aspects of the School Bright system for school management, including:

  • Attendance tracking for both students and staff, as well as school registration.

  • Academic management, which includes curriculum planning, class schedules, examination systems, grade recording, and document management.

  • Student affairs management, covering leave requests, behavior grading, and home visitation.

  • Accounting and financial systems, encompassing tuition fees, income and expense accounting, and financial reporting.

  • Digital cafeteria and cooperative store systems, which handle activities like topping up accounts and in-school purchases in both the cafeteria and cooperative store.

  • And many other systems.

This comprehensive use of the School Bright system helps Thepmitr Suksa School effectively manage various aspects of its operations.

Examples of Using Top-Up Kiosk Machine

Examples of Using Digital Canteen System

Examples of Using Cooperative Store System


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