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The school attendance check-in/check-out system using facial recognition cameras at Satree Yala School, Yala Province.

Satree Yala School in Yala Province has been using the School Bright system for a long time, since the academic year 2564 (approximately 2021). The system caters to around 1,200 students annually and encompasses various functionalities within School Bright for school management. These include :

-Student attendance check-in/out using facial recognition devices.

-Academic systems covering curriculum planning, class schedules, examination management, grade recording, and document management.

-School registry system inclusive of student and staff information.

-Student affairs system managing leaves and behavioral scoring.

-General management system incorporating public relations, online student admissions, student welfare monitoring (home visits, SDQ, EQ), and many other systems.

An example of using a facial recognition camera system for school attendance management.


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