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Saint Joseph Convent School : Bangkok

Saint Joseph Convent School is a Catholic school that began using the School Bright system in the 2023 academic year. The school has approximately 5,000 students and around 400 staff members. The school utilizes the School Bright system for various administrative purposes, including:

  • Student check-in and check-out using student cards for school entry and exit.

  • Academic management, including curriculum planning, class schedules, examination systems, grade recording, and document management.

  • Student affairs management, covering leave requests, behavior scoring, and home visits.

  • Digital cafeteria and cooperative store systems, starting from fund top-ups and in-school purchases for both the cafeteria and the cooperative store.

  • Several other systems that will be implemented in the near future, such as tuition payment and online student admissions.

It seems like the School Bright system is used extensively to streamline various aspects of the school's operations.

Example of Using Digital Canteen System

Example of Using Digital Canteen System


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