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School Bright is the option that makes academic adminis

School Bright is the option that makes academic administration for schools easy and efficient.

School Bright is the option that makes academic adminis In reality, the school system involves much more than just teaching and learning. It comprises various complex tasks and can be subdivided into many branches. Some people may underestimate certain aspects, such as taking attendance, thinking it's a straightforward matter. However, attendance tracking goes beyond the classroom. The recorded class hours need to be compiled into reports for further analysis multiple times throughout the academic year. This is just one part of the intricate academic management system.

Management of academic affairs, or the curriculum management system of a school, involves a wide range of diverse tasks. This includes curriculum development, lesson planning, schedule creation, teaching and assessment planning, summarizing reports on individual classrooms and overall grade levels, exam result announcements, and educational documentation. It is evident that these tasks are both diverse and complex. Typically, schools assign personnel, such as teachers with specific responsibilities, to manage and oversee these aspects. It's important to note that this is a challenging and demanding job, requiring precision, clarity, and timeliness in academic management.

Jabjai Corporation is a startup company that is aware of and emphasizes the importance of education. Recognizing the problem that schools without efficient and rapid educational and administrative systems may find it challenging to advance Thai education, the company has developed the School Bright digital academic management platform. This platform aims to make school administration more convenient and accessible. School Bright comes in the form of easy-to-install software and applications, making it user-friendly. It can be used on mobile devices, providing administrators and staff with an easier way to manage complex tasks. This, in turn, allows schools to allocate their staff's remaining time to improve teaching methods or curricula for students.

Therefore, School Bright is an academic management platform that school administrators should consider as an option. It is the result of combining knowledge of educational administration, creative ideas, and modern technology into an innovative educational solution. School Bright serves as another form of educational innovation that simplifies school administration, reduces the repetitive tasks of teachers, and instills confidence and reassurance in parents. It is a highly recommended choice that undoubtedly appeals to everyone's hearts.


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