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Take the exam anywhere, anytime with the School Bright online exam system.


School Bright comprehensive school management system The School Bright online examination system is one of the highly popular systems that aids schools in efficiently managing various tasks. It is widely favored by schools nationwide because it facilitates easy, convenient, and effective exam management, helping prevent malpractice.

Online examination system of School Bright Comprising various features as follows :

  • Can create exams in various formats. Students can take exams in multiple-choice, essay, or a combination of both formats.

  • Can set the exam time and duration. Students can take exams at the specified time and duration.

  • There is an anti-cheating system in place to prevent any opportunities for capturing screenshots or changing devices during the exam.

  • Supports offline mode during exams. Students can continue the exam even if there is an internet outage, and the system will submit the data once the internet connection is restored as usual.

Online examination system of School Bright Suitable for modern schools as it features various capabilities that meet the needs of contemporary educational institutions, as follows :

  • Convenient Students can take exams anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a mobile phone or electronic device connected to the internet.

  • Economical The school does not have to incur expenses for organizing exams, such as paper, pencil, and various equipment costs.

  • Efficient The online examination system of School Bright features an effective anti-cheating system, ensuring that schools can have confidence in the accuracy of the exam results.

Online examination system of School Bright An efficient system that is suitable for modern schools, as it enables easy exam management, is cost-effective, convenient, and effectively prevents malpractice.

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