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The era of paper-based schedules is over, moving towards the era of online schedules.


The era of relying on paper schedules for tracking class hours and classrooms is over. With technology and mobile applications like School Bright a school management system, accessing and checking class schedules has become more convenient and accessible than ever. This is the advantage of viewing schedules online through an application without the need for paper.

Easy and Convenient Access

Online schedules allow students to access their timetables anytime, anywhere, as long as they have internet access on their mobile phones. This is a significant advantage over paper schedules that can be lost, misplaced, or forgotten at home. Students can check their timetables while commuting, waiting for classes to start, or during breaks.

Real-time schedule updates can be done instantly

Online schedules can be changed frequently, especially when unexpected events occur or there are adjustments to the academic calendar. With an online schedule, students can receive real-time updates, including changes in class times, locations, and cancellations. This ensures that students always have the latest information about their schedules and can plan their time accordingly.

Parents can access the online schedule

Online schedules allow parents to be informed about their child's class hours and subjects. This means that parents can help supervise and allocate time for their children to prepare for each class, whether it's reading before class, organizing books and learning materials, or doing homework. This makes childcare more convenient and enables parents to closely monitor their child's learning progress.


The School Bright application makes it more convenient to view class schedules when they are in the form of an online schedule. Teachers can quickly adjust and update class schedules. Students can access their schedules anytime, anywhere, allowing them to plan and adapt to their studies more effectively. Parents can also oversee and track their children's academic progress effortlessly by using the School Bright application. Monitoring their children's academic performance is no longer a challenging task.


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