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The school information system that directly reaches parents through modern technology.

Every news from the school is assured to parents with the School Bright system.

Promoting communication between schools and students' parents is considered a crucial approach to creating opportunities for relationships between teachers and parents. It allows for consultation, discussions about students, and provides parents with information about various aspects of their children's lives at school. This not only helps parents stay informed about the school's activities but also contributes to the overall learning experience of the students. Therefore, when sending information and news updates, schools must ensure that it reaches the hands of the students' parents effectively.

The problem of communication in traditional formats

Believe that many schools still use traditional communication systems with parents, which may involve sending documents from the school in the form of letters that require a response. Alternatively, there may be announcements posted on the school's website. However, the online news notification system that most schools choose to use is usually a one-way communication method. There may be announcements, but there is no mechanism for parents to respond. Communicating and delivering news in this traditional format no longer meets the needs, as schools cannot promptly track various responses or feedback. Therefore, it is an ineffective way of sending information as desired.

School news system using modern technology

Today, there is a platform called School Bright a digital school management system. It encompasses a comprehensive management system covering various aspects, starting from student registration, academic performance, student activities, to the cafeteria system. Moreover, it extends to the dissemination of various school news directly to parents. School Bright school news system allows schools to communicate and send updates directly to parents' smartphones. Whether it's inviting parents to meetings, seeking feedback on children's participation in school activities, or any other communication, parents can easily respond, indicating their availability or permission for their children to join school events. Having a modern system that enables checking feedback in this way makes it easier and more efficient for school staff to manage various tasks and respond promptly.

If you are interested in or in need of a modern and responsive school management platform that caters to the digital era, we invite you to consider School Bright. It is designed to meet the needs of every school at all levels, offering advanced features that cover all aspects of school management. The platform includes an easy-to-use communication system that allows precise and swift delivery of news directly to parents. School staff, public relations officers, or school administrators can check whether information from the school has been received and gauge the level of awareness among parents. This includes immediate insights into whether letters or announcements from the school have been opened and read. Additionally, the system allows for the compilation of statistics, providing a comprehensive overview of the information communicated. Don't miss out on such a well-designed and responsive system.

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